10 good reasons to enrol your children in our summer camp

10 good reasons to enrol your children in our summer camp

There are many reasons to enrol your children in our holiday camp for children and teenagers. Here are a few of them. Some are serious, and some… we hope will make you smile a little. 

– To help them be more connected to others and less connected to some Wi-Fi.

– Because ‘couch dancing’ is not yet recognised as an Olympic sport. And because the couch needs some rest.

– Because they can try parkour, which might prove very useful in case of a zombie invasion.

– Because with our evening shows they learn that quality entertainment doesn’t necessarily rhyme with ‘Netflix’.

– Because parents need a holiday too!

– Because our staff is made up of superbly trained, super skilled, super funny, super beautiful people. (Yes: super modest too).

– Because the kids will be able to dive not only into our pool, but more importantly, into a new and unforgettable experience.

– Because seeing your children perform always fills your heart with pride (and sometimes it fills your eyes with tears too).

– Because they’ll want to come back next summer… and you’ll only let them if they behave for one entire year. 😉

– Because our cook makes otherworldy pizzas and focaccias.

Al Passo Camp is the ideal holiday for kids who love dance, sports, acting… and for parents looking for an experience for their children that is both educational and fune. Have you already explored our site?

Send us a messa and feel free to ask for anything. But be quick, because people are already enrolling!

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