Al Passo Camp



  • Al Passo Camp is a summer camp for the practice of artistic, sports, and recreational disciplines for children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years of age. Al Passo Camp will take place in the location and period indicated on the website. Participants will be divided into groups according to age and level as assessed by the Al Passo Camp teachers and instructors.
  • In order to participate, it is necessary to fill in the application form of the Associazione Polisportiva dilettantistica “Una Direzione” and the enrolment form for Al Passo Camp, to pay the deposit, and to hand in the original medical certificate of good health.
  • The deposit will not be returned in the event of cancellation on your part, unless serious and proven reasons are provided.
  • Participants are required to maintain a collaborative and respectful behaviour. Violations of the rules and disrespect for the staff are grounds for a warning and in the most serious cases for expulsion from the camp.
  • The weekly schedule may be subject to changes to better suit the needs of the participants, as well as in the event of insufficient number of participants to specific courses, or if special circumstances so require.
  • Any damage caused to the facility may be charged to the responsible party.

Additional information

  • The participants will only need money for small personal expenses (bar, amusement park, small presents, etc.); it will be possible to leave their money to them, or to have it managed by our staff for security reasons.
  • It is forbidden to leave any kind of medicine with the participants. Should the boy or girl need to take any particular drug, said medicine must be handed over to the Al Passo Camp staff, together with a medical certificate, clear indications about the dosage, and the parent’s signed authorisation to administer it.
  • It is possible to bring Marseille soap to wash one’s laundry; all terraces in each room are equipped with clotheslines. Detergents of any kind are not permitted. It is also possible to use the coin-operated laundry service (4 euros per wash).

Recommended equipment

For everyone:

tennis shoes – swimming pool equipment: bathing suit, swimming cap (compulsory, even for boys with very short hair), slippers, beach towel/towel – K-way – bathrobe for younger children (the residence provides towels) – hairdryer (for younger children: it must be handed over to the Al Passo Camp staff) – sun creams – mosquito repellent – baby carrier – backpack – water bottle – breakfast mug – cap (very important)

For dancers:

  • ballet: leotard and tights, pointe shoes and demi pointe shoes
  • modern: modern-jazz cloths with socks
  • hip-hop/break dance: free, but with a pair of shoes dedicated exclusively to hip-hop

For footballers:

  • five-a-side football shoes (low cleats)
  • training outfit (shorts + T-shirt)
  • shin guards
  • towel